Rat Problem In Office Work Settings

office pests in cambridge

Dealing with a rat problem in office environment can be highly difficult. There are many reasons for this. The biggest being that many office blocks are simply enormous, and this gives rats multiple places to hide. Another reason these days is because of COVID-19 lockdowns and the increase in working from home. In fact, during this period we’ve seen a dramatic rise in rat problem in offices.

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Types Of Pest Contamination In Food

rat with food

The main reason why pest control is so important is because pests can contaminate food. When this happens many dangerous diseases are spread. Pests contamination in food makes hundreds of people sick each year, and kills dozens more. This is why it’s critically important that all restaurants and takeaways eliminate pests as soon as they are discovered because they cause problems for businesses. But what else should people in the food business know about this serious topic?

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How To Stop Squirrels Entering Your Home

squirrel near fence

While squirrels are not a common target for pest control, they can often become problematic. When squirrels enter into places like your attic, they may cause widespread damage. This can cost a fortune to repair and clean up. If you’re a homeowner struggling to keep these rodents out of your home, then keep reading. Today we’re going to talk about how to stop squirrels and what to do if they are already inside.

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Preventing Bringing Bed Bugs Home

mattress bed bugs

Bed bugs are a serious problem in the UK. These pests are common in every corner of the land. This includes flats, homes, and hotels. Bed bugs are also commonly found in the seats of buses and trains in the UK. Another place where people pick up bed bugs is on holiday, and bed bugs are a huge problem for hotel businesses.

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Where Do Mice Build Nests Indoors?

home kitchen mice

Our homes are a dream come true for mice. These pests are attracted by the food, warmth, and availability of living spaces in our homes. But where do mice build nests indoors? Where are you most likely to find these pests inside your home?

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Spring Pests: Who’s Waking Up In March?

spring pests

Many insects go into hibernation during Winter. With Spring rapidly approaching, these insects are starting to wake up. But what should you know about this, and how do you prevent these Spring insects from overrunning your home?

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Types Of Fly Pest Control For Food Outlets

fly pest control in food outlets

What type of fly pest control is best for food outlets? There are dozens of ways to get rid of flies in your restaurant. Here are some of the best things you can do, and what you need to know about controlling flies.

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DIY Versus Professional Pest Control

DIY professional pest control

Most people who have pests in their home try to get rid of the pests themselves. And while it may seem as if pests are something you can handle by yourself, this really isn’t true. The fact is that it’s always better to call in a professional pest control service. There are many reasons why professionals are better when dealing with pest control problems.

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Top 9 Pest Problems For Businesses

business in Cambridge

From rats to bed bugs, pests are a massive problem for businesses in the UK. It’s a fact that most business premises are infested with pest problems of one kind or another.When running a business, there are a range of destructive pests you should watch out for… Read More

What Are The Most Common House Insects UK

common house insects

Did you know there are more than nine hundred thousand species on insects found in nature? Many of these species service useful functions such as aerating soil, pollinating blossoms, and feeding on dead animals and trees. Unfortunately many insects are not so useful, when it comes to human comfort.

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