Commercial Pest Control

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Experienced commercial pest control technicians in Cambridge

If you need a Cambridge commercial pest company then Pest Exterminators Cambs can help. Our business specialises in all types of commercial properties from small shops to the largest restaurants. Even if you have an unusual business, or a seemingly unsolvable pest control issue, we can probably help you.

Pest Exterminators Cambs is an experienced commercial pest control company in Cambridge. We can prevent these problems and eliminate all pests on the property. We employ some of the most highly trained and qualified technicians in the area. With their cutting edge know how, our technicians can quickly eliminate any type of pest. This includes pests which are often attracted to commercial properties such as rats, flies and cockroaches. Commercial pest control is also extremely important due to the damage caused by pests. Pests may not seem like an obvious source of property damage. But they are known to be the cause of thousands of pounds in repairs.

What types of business need our commercial pest services?

The fact is that all types of business need pest control. This service is especially important for places like restaurants and takeaways, warehouses, storage facilities, schools, and hospitals. Actually, pest control is vital in any business where you deal with people.

Of these businesses, the most important are food businesses such as restaurants and takeaways. The reason why is because these outlets need to maintain certain hygiene standards. You do not want pests getting into the food you sell! Another problem with pests is that they spread incredibly serious diseases. If an outbreak occurs due to poor hygiene, there could be serious consequences.

Our Cambridge pest control prevents damage

Take for example rats. A rat infestation can create enormous amounts of damage to your premises. To start with, these pests chew wires, and contaminate food and other goods. These pests also use materials from your property to build their nests, and cause structural damage that adds up over time. Pests can also cause extreme upset to customers, and may dissuade customers from patronising your business.

Our technicians are also 100% licensed and certified. We perform thorough background checks, giving you peace of mind. Not only that, Pest Exterminators Cambs operates a 24 hour service. We understand that you may need pest control at inconvenient times. We also understand that you do not always want technicians around during the day, when your business is open.

Commercial pest control contracts

How do you get started with commercial pest control? If you manage commercial property, one of the best things you can do is take out a pest contract. The unfortunate reality about pest control is that it’s not a one and done type of thing. Depending on the business you run, pests may be repeatedly be attracted. Fighting these invaders is a never ending issue which is why you need regular treatments.

This is the reason a pest control contract is so useful. With a pest contract you gain access to regular pest maintenance. Technicians from Pest Exterminators Cambs will visit your property on a set schedule and eliminate all pests. We will also perform pest proofing and do whatever is necessary to stop pests from getting in.