Spring Insects Are Starting To Emerge

Spring means warmer weather. Unfortunately, it also means an increase in spring insects. The reason why this happens is simple. You see, most insects do not hibernate. Instead, the majority of them lay eggs and then die. Once it starts to get warmer, these eggs hatch. Other insects become less active and hide away from the cold, only to emerge once summer arrives.

What you need to know about spring insects

But when are spring insects considered pests? When spring arrives, you’ll probably see things like bees and butterflies in your garden. You may also see ladybirds and caterpillars. All insects are highly beneficial for the environment and each have a job which benefits nature.

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On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to see these insects in your home. There they are not so welcome. This includes many insects which are considered pests. On this list you have things like cockroaches, ants, moths, flies, silver fish and more.

These spring insects can become an incredible nuisance, especially for homeowners. They are also a major problem for businesses, and more specifically those which sell food. In this case the main problems are ants and flies.

This is why it’s so important that you prepare for the influx of spring insects. You need to pest proof ahead of time so that you are not plagued by these pests once summer arrives.

As we’ve said, the two biggest problems are ants and flies. To prevent these pests from harassing you, here are some things you can do.

Simple steps to prevent spring insects becoming pests

First of all, what you have to understand is that these pests are mostly looking for food. For example, ants spend winter in their colony, surviving on food they have stored. When it gets warm, the only thing they are thinking about is finding a food supply. Your job is to prevent them from finding this supply in your kitchen.


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The best way to do this is by keeping the place as clean as possible. This is especially important if you’re running a food business, where a maintenance contract will come in useful. Your kitchen should be cleaned at the end of every day. This should cover a full clean of the entire area, including the floor, counters and sink. Pay special importance to any area where you prepare food, as there is always food debris left behind.

With flies you need to concentrate on your rubbish. Flies can only consume liquids. This is why you always see flies attacking dustbins. They are looking for food that is partially rotted. The easiest way to prevent these pests is simply by getting a dustbin that has a lid. This will solve 90% of your problem. Also make sure to empty your rubbish as often as possible and occasionally wash your bin.



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