Fly Control in Cambridge

Fly Control in Cambridge

fly control in cambridge

Expert fly control for domestic and commercial premises in Cambridge

Flies are a common problem in the UK. They are not something you want them in your home, restaurant or any other commercial premises. Once flies are attracted to your home or business, the problem can get out of hand alarmingly fast. Pest Exterminators Cambs are here help to understand how to prevent flies, and what we can do if they become a problem.

Flies bring a lot of problems with them. And they can be hard to get rid of. Take a look at some of the important things you need to know about flies when it comes to pest control.

Whereabouts will you find flies?

Rubbish bins are one of the most common places to find flies. We throw food scraps and other items away on a daily basis that are a magnet for flies. If these items are left to sit for any length of time, you will find that it starts to attract flies, and from there you might get maggots. This leads to even more flies.

Drains, and other standing water sources, can also be major areas to find flies. Both man-made and natural standing water can attract flies, especially if there is already a fly problem nearby.

Any source of food can attract flies. You might be cooking or preparing food, or have food ready to serve. You might have crumbs that have not been cleared up yet. All this can attract flies.

Food sources include dog and cat food. Cleaning your pet’s food bowls regularly, and ensuring that no food is left laying around, will help to prevent flies.

The main signs that you have a fly problem

Flies are one of the most identifiable pest problems out there, because the number one sign of a fly problem is seeing the flies! Unlike other pests, there aren’t many other signs that you might have a problem with these pesky insects apart from seeing maggots. Maggots are the larval stage of flies. Small browny yellow spots on the surface of your light fixtures can also be a sign that you have a problem with flies.

Problems and dangers of having flies

It is another well-known fact that flies spread diseases. Those diseases include: food poisoning and dysentery. Flies can also transmit parasitic worms. This is more rare, but it happens enough for it to be a concern, especially when there a large number of flies around.

When you have a fly infestation in your domestic or restaurant kitchen, these insects will also buzz around you, causing a lot of frustration. They will land on food while you are preparing it and even alight on your drinks. Especially if the food or drink is sugary.

Importance of getting pest control for flies

Flies are one of the hardest pests to get rid of. Like ants, once they enter your home, it seems like every little bit of food left out brings them back. This makes it essential to hire a professional to get rid of flies. Professionals will help to eliminate flies from in and around your home or business. They will also supply fly-beating equipment and devices, and advise you on how to prevent flies in the future. You can take the necessary steps, in response to this advice.

Call us today to get rid of flies

A call to Pest Exterminators Cambs today will mean getting an expert out to your home or business without delay. With the problem sorted, you will be able to relax in your kitchen again. We eliminate flies of all species and resolve the problems they bring with them. Better yet, we offer sound advice and guidance that will contribute to keeing them from returning.