Flea Control in Cambridge

Flea Control in Cambridge

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Professional flea control services for your Cambridge home or business

Fleas are a nasty problem that is most commonly associated with pets. However, being infested by these insects is not limited to pet owners. Fleas are small flightless insects that can jump more than a hundred times their body size. When fleas jump onto an animal or human, they feed off the host’s blood.

Fleas are often thought to be not much of a problem for humans, but they can present a number of health concerns, while bites can cause distress. They can also live for up to two weeks off a host, and are not fussy whether you are a human or not.

Where do fleas like to hide in your property?

Fleas are most common among cats and dogs. But any animal with fleas has the potential to spread them, not only to other animals, but to the environments that they enter. When living on an animal, fleas are commonly found around the neck, back, and belly areas.

Pets carrying fleas will introduce them to your property, and, from there, they will start to spread and infest the area. In the home, fleas can hide in a variety of places, but they are most likely to gather around pet bedding and other fabrics that your pet spends a lot of time on. Unfortunately, fleas will happily live in the pile of your carpets and rugs, as well as soft furniture like sofas and even your bed. Outdoors, fleas prefer areas with shade and a water source, much like other insects.

Top signs that you have fleas

The sign that most of us know to look for when it comes to fleas is our pets scratching themselves more than they normally do. This can be a sign that humans have fleas too, but humans will need to rule out other causes.

Here are some other signs that fleas might be a problem:

  • Pets have small insects crawling in their fur
  • Loss of hair and bald patches in pets
  • Flea faeces (also known as flea dirt) stains fabric reddish brown
  • Ankle bites on humans
  • Fleas or flea eggs on furniture and on pet bedding

The problems and issues of flea infestations

Fleas may not pose a serious health risk to humans but they are certainly an annoyance. It should be noted that fleas can present potential dangers to your pets though. Fleas can cause an allergic reaction to be triggered in your pets. They can also cause a number of conditions such as anaemia. Flea bites, like most insect bites, also carry the risk of infection if not properly cared for.

The main problem with fleas is the massive inconvenience that they put us through. They cause pets, and sometimes their humans, to become uncomfortable and stressed. This includes the frustration of eliminating these dofficult to get rid of these pests.

Another problem is that they can quickly be spread from person to person, dog to dog, etc. These insects can jump far enough that a flea problem can grow into flea chaos very quickly if it is not addressed at an early stage.

Get the professionals to solve your flea problem

Getting rid of fleas can be quite challenging. Part of that difficulty comes from how small fleas are. Another issue stems from the fact that fleas come in multiple different life stages, and eliminating all stages is critical to preventing adult fleas from returning.

Hiring professionals works to eliminate those four life stages. We have cutting edge treatment options, such as heat treatments, to tackle the problem. Our professionals will also check every area of your home or commercial property where the fleas might be concealed. This will ensure that all hiding spots are identified and treated.

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Calling Pest Exterminators Cambs today is the first step toward getting rid of your flea problem. The sooner you get rid of these pests, the sooner you can feel at home again. Don’t forget to ask us for advice on what to do to prevent fleas from becoming a problem again in the future.