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Cambridge rodent control that simply works

Pest Exterminators Cambs is a Cambridge rodent control company. We specialise in ridding your property of all rodents including mice, rats and squirrels. Rodents are some of nature’s worst pests.

They cause damage worth thousands of pounds, and also spread serious diseases. Plus there’s the mess caused by their constant defecation and urination. If you are experiencing rodent issues, do not let this problem continue – contact Pest Exterminators Cambs immediately. The technicians at Pest Exterminators Cambs provide fast and effective rodent control in Cambridgeshire. We are able to help you in the following ways.

Our rodent control in Cambridgeshire eliminates these pests:


Rats are by far the nastiest rodents. These pests breed at a phenomenal rate, and quickly take over any area where they decide to live. Rats are mostly attracted by food and suitable living conditions. This includes warm, dark places where humans seldom go.

You will often hear them before you see them. They create unmistakable sounds when scurrying across the floor, as well as other loud noises. If you experience any of this then seek rodent control in Cambridge.

This is important because rats cause damage and the longer you wait the more damage they cause. Rats should also be quickly exterminated because they spread diseases, many of which are fatal to humans. In the event of rat problems, Pest Exterminators Cambs should be immediately contacted.


While mice are not as big an issue as rats, they still cause headaches. These pests are smaller and less aggressive but are able to move quickly. This gives them the ability to speed around your property.

They are also able to elongate their bodies and squeeze through even the smallest spaces. In fact, these pests can squeeze through gaps as small as 5mm. This means they can easily enter your home and cupboards. From there they build nests and begin to breed. Mice reproduce quickly and can have dozens of offspring in only a few months.

Another problem with mice is the enormous amounts of droppings they create. These vermin produce more than 50-100 droppings per day. A lot of the time their droppings will be left in your cupboards or kitchen. As you can imagine this will need to be cleaned up.


Squirrels are not often seen as pests. In fact, many people enjoy the sight of these animals. You may even feed them from time to time. Unfortunately, squirrels are equally as destructive as rats and mice.

During Winter these animals will often seek shelter inside your home. They do this by using overhanging branches as a means to get onto your roof. From there they enter the roof, build their nests and breed.

This is a problem because, like other rodents, squirrels gnaw on absolutely everything. They also tear your home apart when building their nests. What’s more, you’ll also have to deal with squirrels defaecating and urinating inside your attic and ceiling. Contact Cambridge rodent control companies like Pest Exterminators Cambs, whenever you think squirrels are present in your roof.