Bed Bug Control in Cambridge

Bed Bug Control in Cambridge
bed bug control in cambridge

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We provide effective bed bug heat treatments in the Cambridge area

Most of us are familiar with the threat of bed bugs. They are a social embarrassment and a heath hazard we all pray will never happen to us. However, if the worst happens, Pest Exterminators Cambs are here to help with highly effective heat treatments for bed bugs.

Where do you find bed bugs?

How much do you really know about this pest? Let’s take a look at bed bugs and why they are such difficult pests to contend with. Bed bugs can be found in a number of places, the most well-known of which is, of course, mattresses and beds. In reality, though, bed bugs will target a wide variety of places. Anywhere in your home that is warm and dark can harbour bed bugs. All types of furniture, electrical outlets, cracks and crevices, carpets, soft toys and more items can be hiding spots for these insects. It is important to note that bed bugs do not fly, they just run fast between areas to get around.

Signs that you have a bed bug problem

Bed bugs leave tell-tale red spotting on bed sheets. These unpleasant insects also emit a musty odour, so you can also use this indicator to help you confirm whether or not your insect infestation is bed bugs. A few visual signs besides these include: faecal spots, eggs and skin shells. These are all traces that these insects leave behind.

You will already known that bed bugs like to bite humans. If you end up with red blotches on your arms and legs after waking up, they could be a sign you have bed bugs in your home. These bites may be a sign of another insect, such as fleas, so be sure to look at some images of your rash to confirm that they are in fact bed bug bites.

Problems and risks of having bed bugs

Bed bugs are a disgusting nuisance, but they are not one of the dangerous pests. However, in most cases, bed bugs trigger a few problematic effects. The first issue is that bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of. This is especially true if you put off getting them treated by a professional. They need specialist equipment to eliminate them completely. Secondly, their bites can cause extreme itching, making you want to scratch any affected area. This leads to sleepless nights and stressful days. As with many other insects that bite, you can get an infection from improperly treated bites. Another problem that stems from having bed bugs is the potential to get an allergic reaction. A good number of people experience some level of an allergic reaction, and don’t realise they are allergic to bed bugs until they first encounter them. In some cases, the reaction may be serious, including anaphylaxis.

Heat treatment experts can eliminate bed bugs

It can be incredibly hard to get rid of bed bugs. They can scurry around the home and hide in a wide variety of places. In addition to that, they are transparent unless full of a meal, and therefore hard to spot. The fact that they breed fast can make it difficult to get rid of them all without a professional. It’s not only the adult insects that need to be exterminated. Bed bugs at all stages of life need to be dealt with in order to cure the problem. Our Cambridge bed bug control services include heat treatments, which kill eggs and larvae as well as the adult insects. This makes for a long lasting and highly effective solution.

Whether your home is infested, or you run a hotel that can’t afford complaints from guests about being bitten, getting rid of bed bugs right the first time is essential.

Let us solve your Cambridge bed bug problem

Bed bugs can be quite a big problem and frustration for hospitality venues as well as residential properties. If you call Pest Exterminators Cambs today, we can work to eliminate your bed bug problem rapidly. We do the job thoroughly and efficiently, with methods that are proven to work. Our technicians understand the need to get your home or hotel back to normal as soon as possible. We are available with a discreet, 24 hour service to help you with that.