Rat Control in Cambridge

Rat Control in Cambridge

rat control in cambridge

We Control rats and carry out effective rodent proofing in Cambridge

When rats get into your property, it’s definitely time to call pest control. Having rats in you home, business or commercial premises is problematic for a number of reasons. Whether you have seen one rat, or think you might have an infestation, you should contact a professional immediately.

Whereabouts do you find rats?

Like mice, most rats like to stay out of human sight. Their main goal is to look for places to create a nest and to gather food. Rats will enter walls, inhabit mulch and leaf piles, live in sheds and garages, and can even nest inside furniture it isn’t used very often. In fact, their desire to hide in places that are undetected by people is such that you may not see the rats themselves, but realise you have a problem through other signs.

One of the reasons why rats tend to be such a bad issue in cities, is that there are a lot of food sources like dumpsters, dustbins and litter. Rats will tend to make their nests as close to food sources as possible while remaining safe.

Signs of rats on your Cambridge property

  • Food starts to go missing
  • Food packaging is found damaged
  • Rubbish bins are rummaged through, leaving behind debris
  • Black scuff marks on walls
  • Scratching noises in ceilings and floorboards
  • Droppings (especially around food, under the sink and in dark places)

Problems associated with a rat infestation

Rats carry a number of diseases which can be transmitted to humans. However, it isn’t just direct contact with a rat that can be a health hazard. Their faeces and urine can also spread disease and bacteria, for example if it is touched, or if it contaminates food that you subsequently eat.

Beyond health concerns, rats will usually cause damage in the properties they invade. From chewing electrical wires and causing structural problems, to creating holes in the wall and chewing furniture, the damage left behind by rats can be extensive. Most of this damage may go unseen as it happens in places that are hard to get to, such as inside walls and loft spaces.

Rats can also be aggressive if they feel threatened. Any rat bite from a wild rat should be seen and treated immediately by a medical professional.

Importance of getting professional help with rats

The health concerns presented by rats and their urine also make it important to get a rat control expert in. You will definitely want to eliminate the rat problem before it starts to affect your health. Being bitten by a rat during the removal process has been a problem for those that try to eliminate rats themselves, and, of course, this can lead to health problems. As can exposure to rat faeces during the cleaning process.

Contact us now to eliminate your rat problem

Getting rid of rats quickly is essential, and, when you call Pest Exterminators Cambs, we will work swiftly to get the removal process started. We have the gear needed to remain safe while eliminating a rat problem. The sooner you call us, the sooner your problem can be addressed. A quick resolution will reduce the chances of health problems and prevent further damage to your home. As well as rat elimination, we offer pest proofing services to make sure rats do not return. Our friendly staff are always on hand to give expert advice and guidance when you need it.