About Pest Exterminators Cambs

You can rest assured knowing we are experts in our field

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Reliable, locally based Cambridge pest control team

Pest Exterminators Cambs is a local pest control company. We operate in the Cambridge area and offer affordable and friendly extermination services. This includes 24 hour services and also pest proofing. Pests often strike at the most inconvenient times which is why we come out day and night.

The technicians at Pest Exterminators Cambs are 100% qualified and fully licensed. Plus we take the time to perform background checks on our staff. This way you know our technicians are trustworthy and dependable. They have the training and equipment needed to remove all types of pests. With our decades of experience we can eliminate even difficult to get rid of pests like foxes and birds.

And because we’re based in the area, Pest Exterminators Cambs can get to your quickly. This enables us to offer same day service. With us, pests are eliminated only hours after you’ve placed your call.

Environmentally friendly and responsible

Pest Exterminators Cambs is an environmentally friendly pest company in Cambridgeshire. We believe in protecting the environment. Our team takes the time to use pesticides responsibly, and also exterminate pests in a humane manner. Not only that, our pest control services are also safe for your pets.

Pest infestations should be taken care of immediately. Vermin are more than just an irritation. They also cause immense amounts of damage to your property. Whether this is rats gnawing at roof timers, or birds blocking gutters, all pests cause costly damage. Pests also spread serious diseases and this can negatively impact the health of your customers or family.

Attention to detail on every single job

We pay special care and attention to each job and treat your property as if it’s our own. And because of our experience, we are able to do the job in almost no time at all. In most cases, it takes only a few hours to exterminate the pests and prevent them from returning.

Our technicians have dealt with thousands of pest control situations over the years. Whatever variety of vermin you’re dealing with, we can eliminate it. This includes pests like cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs and dozens more. Pests Exterminators Cambs handles both residential and commercial properties. No matter what type of pest issue you’re experiencing, feel free to contact us now for an inspection.