Moth Control in Cambridge

Moth Control in Cambridge

moth control in cambridge

We remove clothes moths from homes and businesses in Cambridge

While you may be tempted to dismiss moths as benign, even attractive looking insects, some species of moth can become a massive problem inside your home. It’s not just homeowners that can be affected though. Certain business owners may have their products and stock damaged by clothes moths. Their larvae eat fabrics, which is usually the main issue. However, some moths larvae, such as the pantry moth, also eat and contaminate foodstuffs.

Here is everything you need to know about moths as a pest problem.

Where will you find moths?

The main culprits of the moth world in terms of being pests are the clothes moth and the carpet moth. Moths can be found inside cupboards or drawers that contain clothes or other fabrics. This is where they prefer to lay their eggs. The eggs then become larvae, and these chew holes in woollens and clothing made from other natural textiles. Once the larvae have become moths, you may see them flying around your home with one intention – to mate and produce more eggs. You might find moth nests under rugs or carpets.

Signs that you have a moth problem

One sign that you have moths is when you start to notice holes in your outfits when you take them out of a cupboard, drawer, or off a shelf. Other signs you can see on clothing include silky webbing on wool and larvae casing that has been shed.

You may also find that rugs or carpets have become threadbare in certain places, or curtains are damaged. Sometimes you may even see the larvae themselves crawling on your furniture or in wardrobes. At this sage of life, they are small and white maggot like caterpillars with a casing around them.

Pantry moths will target food instead of clothes. Moths that eat food will turn up in flour, pasta and grain food packaging.

Problems associated with moths in Cambridge

Moths are not actually dangerous for humans. The species that cause problem in UK homes don’t bite. The biggest problem with these moths is their tendency to multiply very fast and become an full blown infestation quickly. Apart from the damage that they do to your clothes, carpets and rugs, food and sanity, that is. An infestation can get overwhelming within a short space of time because each female lays hundreds of egg in every batch. The effects of a moth infestation can be both upsetting and destructive.

Reasons to hire professionals for moth control

The first reason that you need to have professionals involved in controlling your moth problem is to identify the exact type of moth species you have, and if in fact it is a moth problem. This is especially important if you have only seen the larvae.

Remember that moth infestations often go unnoticed until the problem is bigger than you realise. Enlisting professional support is also crucial for this reason. Experts are able to take care of the moths you can see but also the ones you can’t. With heat treatments, we can treat the adult moths, plus their eggs and their larvae.

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