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Effective insect control in Cambridge

Pest exterminators Cambs is a Cambridge insect control company. We specialise in removing all types of insects. This includes crawling, flying and burrowing insects.

These insects can make your life a living nightmare. Not only are they extremely irritating, but certain insects cause wide spread property damage. As well as that, some insects transmit deadly diseases. There is no reason why you should put yourself at risk when insects are so easily eliminated. Our qualified and experienced technicians can help with the following.

Cambridge insect control made easy

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are a huge problem in residential homes. In most cases, they enter the home when you travel overseas. Many hotel beds are completely infested with these bugs. And if you’ve recently gone on holiday, it’s possible you brought back unwanted guests.

Good thing they are relatively easy to get rid of. By using advanced methods such as heat treatments, we can exterminate these bugs in less than a day. This technique destroys all bugs plus their larvae and eggs. This means you’re guaranteed that these bed bugs have been eliminated. Call us in the morning and by night time you’ll enjoy a peaceful sleep again.


Cockroaches are the most common pest our Cambridge insect control service deals with. Pest Exterminators Cambs handles dozens of infestations every week.

The reason why these insects are such a nuisance is because they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. Cockroaches are some of the hardiest survivors on planet earth, and are attracted to any place where there is food. Not only that, unless you eliminate all of their eggs and larvae, they will usually come back.


Moths are deceptive insects. Most people do not experience problems with them. They may even find the sight of moths around a light bulb to be pleasing. Unfortunately this is not the truth. These insects live on natural fibres such as wool. This means is they can tear through your wardrobe and destroy everything.

These bugs may also cause large amounts of damage to your furniture and carpets. If you spot holes in your clothes then you should immediately seek out insect control in Cambridgeshire.


Due to their small size these insects are also very difficult to get rid of. They multiply quickly and once ants have established a colony, eliminating them is hard work. Your best course of action is to keep your home clean and store food properly. Remember, these insects are attracted to even the smallest crumb.

If you are having problems with ants, then contact Pest Exterminators Cambs. Our technicians will apply deep treatments which go right to the source of the problem.


Flies are the bugbear of anyone involved in the restaurant industry. These pests contaminate food and are extremely irritating to kitchen workers. They are attracted to food in general, and especially food which is rotting in dustbins.

Flies should not be tolerated in your kitchen. The reason why is because they transmit many serious diseases. This includes restaurant favourites like E-Coli and Salmonella. They can also negatively harm the reputation of your restaurant. The last thing your customers want to see is flies hovering around their table.


Fleas are often seen as pests which are exclusive to animals, but this isn’t the case. Once they infest your pets, fleas can easily transfer to you. Multiple flea bites can be very distressing. Fleas can even carry diseases.

Due to their size these pests can hide in small cracks and furniture around your property.
They also have an incredible ability to leap. This makes them very hard to spot and exterminate. To get rid of them you will most likely need to hire an insect control company in Cambridgeshire.


Wasps are some of the most dangerous pests you’ll ever encounter. The reason why is because of their stinging ability. If you attempt to remove their nests they become extremely aggressive, and will immediately attack you. It is not advisable to try to move or destroy a wasps’ nest yourself.

Call Pest Exterminators Cambs instead. We can safely remove wasps’ nests. Our technicians will also prevent the wasps from coming back again. This is often a problem that you have with wasps. Because they favour a certain area, the wasps will quickly return.