Why Do Spring Cleaning For Pests Control?

The best way to deal with a persistent pest problem is by deep cleaning your home. Some people also refer to this as spring cleaning which is great for spring insects. The reason why spring cleaning for pests works is because it sends a strong message. You basically clear out every bit of filth and clutter, and therefore pests are no longer attracted to the home. Make sure paper items are contained so that pests can’t access them.

spring cleaning for pests

Their sources of food and living quarters are removed, and thus they leave. On the other hand, if you do things piece by piece, then pests will simply move as you clean. This means you can never really get rid of them. If you’d like some tips on spring cleaning for pests then continue reading.

Beginner’s guide to spring cleaning for pests

As we’ve said, pests are attracted to your home because of food and places to live. By cleaning your home from top to bottom, these things are removed, and pests have no incentive to live there. The basic idea is that you repel instead of attract the pests.

This means that the first step to spring cleaning for pests is removing all clutter. Go through your home with a fine toothcomb. You probably have piles of clutter in every room. Take these apart and throw away (or get rid of) anything that is rubbish, or that you’re not using. Everything else should be packed away in cupboards and drawers. When doing this, also make sure to clean ornamental items, such as vases and lamps. These often accumulate dirt that attracts pests.

steam cleaner

Next, perform a top to bottom clean of your home, including cleaning your bins. If you can afford it try to get your carpets cleaned (if you have carpets). Carpets often have ground in bits of food and filth. People who are unable to do this should at least vacuum their carpets thoroughly. Also, clean walls, curtains and other dirty items.

Go the extra mile when spring cleaning

A lot of this may sound like things you already do. This is why the point is to clean places you never touch, like your pantry. These could be areas like the tops of cupboards, or rooms you don’t use. Something to pay attention to are large appliances and pieces of furniture. The reason why is because there is always dirt beneath these. For example, your cooker and fridge will more than likely have crumbs beneath them. You may also discover pests hiding beneath these items.

deep cleaning

When spring cleaning for pests, also closely examine every wall in your home. If there are any cracks, then these need to be sealed up. Remember, pests like bed bugs, ants and cockroaches can squeeze into even the tiniest crack. This is why it’s so important that you fill these in.


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