Squirrel Control in Cambridge

Squirrel Control in Cambridge

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Squirrel removal services in the Cambridge area for homes and businesses

Squirrels look like cute little animals when they are in the park, and they can be adorable in the right setting. But when they come in your home or business premises, they can cause some quite serious issues. They can also create quite a lot of problems for your garden too.

It is important to get as much accurate information on squirrels as possible so you can properly address any problems you may be having with a squirrel infestation on your property.

Where do squirrels like to hide?

Squirrels are mainly outdoor animals by nature, and generally speaking make their homes in trees. But they can enter both residential and commercial buildings. Most commonly they will make their way into loft spaces and start building a nest there. The extent of a squirrel problem can be quite hard to gauge until you bring a professional in. Quite a large number of squirrels can hide in your attic or roof space. You might not even know exactly where they are living. Even if you do actually see a squirrel on your property, it will likely just scurry off to a place of safety, not necessarily in the direction of its nest.

Signs that you have a squirrel problem

Here are some signs that squirrels might be a problem in your home or business:

  • You hear strange noises coming from your roof space
  • You find their footprints in dirt or dust around your home
  • There are squirrel droppings lying around
  • You find water damage from a chewed pipe
  • There is chewing damage to walls and ceilings
  • You detect an unexplained bad odour
  • Urine stains on your ceilings and upper walls

Dangers of squirrels for your Cambridge property

From a health point of view, squirrel faeces can be harmful to both humans and pets, as it contains bacteria.

Squirrels will also cause damage to your house in a variety of ways. Firstly, they can damage roofing. At first, this damage might just appear superficial, but it can lead to water leaking into your home from the holes they create. Wood is likely one of the next things that they will chew on in the loft. Thus can cause structural problems. Squirrels will also target electrical wires, causing electrical problems and possibly even causing a fire hazard. In the process of chewing water pipes wires, they may also cause flooding and water damage to your home.

Lastly, squirrels can be quite annoying if they make it into your home proper (as opposed to a loft). They often cause a lot of destruction if they get inside, eating your food, dragging things around and leaving droppings wherever they want.

Importance of hiring experts for squirrel removal

Squirrels present a multi-faceted problem which can make it complicated to remove them. In some cases, the squirrels themselves need to be physically removed, a service we provide for you.

A thorough cleaning is also needed to get rid of whatever squirrels leave behind. This is not straightforward, and a variety of equipment may be needed, depending on the space being worked in.

Our squirrel control experts also work to prevent the problem from happening again. The last thing you want is to go through the process of having the squirrels removed only to have them return. We investigate access points and make sure the squirrels can’t get back in by implementing a thorough and robust pest proofing regime.

Contact us today to get rid of squirrels

Professionals are essential to help get rid of a squirrel problem, and for those in the Cambridge area, Pest Exterminators Cambs is the team you need to get the job done right the first time round. We have the experience and tools needed to humanely end your squirrel problem. We are licensed, trained and qualified to deal with squirrel control within the prevailing guidelines. Call us today to ensure a timely solution. Squirrels breed fast and can cause serious issies within a short time frame. That is why it is so important to deal with these rodents sooner rather than later.