Dangers When You Have A Wasps’ Nest

wasps nest

Most people underestimate the dangers posed by a wasps’ nest. They believe that getting rid of these nests is easy. As pest control professionals, we only have one thing to say: this is delusional. Yes, what you have to understand that wasps are extraordinarily dangerous. Here’s why:

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Why Do Spring Cleaning For Pests Control?

spring cleaning for pests

The best way to deal with a persistent pest problem is by deep cleaning your home. Some people also refer to this as spring cleaning which is great for spring insects. The reason why spring cleaning for pests works is because it sends a strong message. You basically clear out every bit of filth and clutter, and therefore pests are no longer attracted to the home. Make sure paper items are contained so that pests can’t access them.

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Hidden Cockroaches May Cause Allergies


Cockroaches can cause a great many problems in your life. But what few people know is that these pests can also cause allergies. A scenario some people may experience is when you have allergic reactions with no known cause. If this is happening to you, it could be because you have hidden cockroaches. In this case, you may find this article interesting.

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Spring Insects Are Starting To Emerge

fly diseases

Spring means warmer weather. Unfortunately, it also means an increase in spring insects. The reason why this happens is simple. You see, most insects do not hibernate. Instead, the majority of them lay eggs and then die. Once it starts to get warmer, these eggs hatch. Other insects become less active and hide away from the cold, only to emerge once summer arrives.

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Benefits Of A Rat Flap For Your Drain

rat flap

There are dozens of ways to get rid of rats. This includes everything from traps to poison, to physical removal. There’s also another technique that very few people know about – the rat flap. If you’re wondering what this is and how it works, then read on for an explanation.

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Which UK Pests Carry Diseases?

pests carry diseases

What distinguishes a pest from an ordinary animal or insect? The answer is that pests cause problems to humans. This can include problems such as damaging property. It also includes the spread of diseases. But what should you know about this? Furthermore, which pests carry diseases, and should you be worried about this?

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Stop Flies Attacking Your Bins

bins out

Here’s something we’ve all experienced. You have a bin in your kitchen and all of a sudden, it’s infested with flies. This could be a handful of flies, or dozens swarming around your kitchen. But what can you do about this and how do you stop flies from attacking your bins?

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How To Moth Proof Your Home

moth control in cambridge

Moths are one of the most destructive pests you’ll ever encounter. These vermin can go through clothing like a hot knife through butter. As with any pest, the best cure is prevention. What this means is that its critically important that you moth proof your home against these common UK house insects. Below you’ll find several ways for doing this.

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What Is A Pest Site Inspection?

pest site inspection

Before hiring a pest control company to eliminate pests, it’s necessary that you have a pest site inspection. In fact, most companies will not come out to treat your property until their inspection is completed. There are several reasons for this.

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Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home With You

upmarket hotel

Anyone who has survived a bed bug infestation will know how horrible it can be. These bugs are incredibly difficult to get rid of and also cause enormous physical and mental distress. With these bugs the best course of action is prevention instead of cure. You want to do everything you can to prevent them. The first step to doing this is not bringing them into your home. Here’s how to never bring bed bugs home again.

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