Ant Control in Cambridge

Ant Control in Cambridge

ant control in cambridge

We successfully eliminate ant infestations from your Cambridge property

Ants are one of the most common and irritating pests in the UK. They are also one of those pests that almost everyone has had a problem with at some point or another. That being said, most people don’t know any in-depth details about ants’ lifestyle or behaviour. Let’s look at some facts about these insects, and what you need to know about them when it comes to ant pest control in Cambridge.

Where do ants live and invade?

Ants come in a variety of different species. And they are after the same thing as all living creatures – moisture and food. They usually prefer sweet, sugary foods. The the most likely place to spot ants in your home or business is where they can find these things, usually the kitchen. You may notice a single ant, or even see a trail of ants marching across your property if there are enough of them. And if the place where ants are entering into your home is easy to find, you can see them gathering there too.

The signs that you have an ant problem

Ants come in a several different colours in the UK, with the most common being black and the second most common being red ants. If you see even one of these creatures, it is important to start investigating for further issues. The first sign of an ant invasion is spotting a single scout ant. This solitary insect is likely to be checking out your property ahead of time before letting the rest of her colony know about it. Common black and red ants usually build nests and live outdoors in your garden. Carpenter ants, however, can live inside the walls of your property.

Here are some basic things to look out for

  • Sighting of single ants or lines of ants
  • Hollow sounding walls in the case of carpenter ants
  • Soil in mounds or piles on the lawn
  • Ants outside but close to your home in large numbers
  • Sawdust trails can signal carpenter ants

Issues if your Cambridge property has ants

In most cases, ants pose no risks to humans. Red ants do sting though, although their bite is not poisonous. This sting is mostly just painful, but in large doses it can lead to health issues. The main instance where ant bites can become problematic is if you are allergic to them. Some people are allergic to ant venom, which can lead them to have a sometimes serious allergic reaction.

Why professional ant treatment is effective

Ants are incredibly hard to get rid of, especially once they have managed to get a stronghold on your home or business premises. One of the biggest reasons why ants can be so difficult to eradicate without help, is that they leave behind a scent trail of chemicals known as pheromones. These pheromones help to guide other ants to food sources. Ants will follow that trail whether the scout ant is still alive or not.

Ants are also very quick to reproduce. You can go from a handful of ants to an army in only a matter of days. Sometimes in less time than that. Killing thousands of ants in a web of underground nests can be quite difficult, as not all of them will be out at the same time.

Call today to get rid of your ant problem

Unless you act fast, you will find it quite hard to get rid of ants on your own. Calling Pest Exterminators Cambs today and we will get an expert out to your home to start addressing your ant problem immediately. Our technicians can get to the very root of the problem and ensure the ants have been dealt with in the long term.