How To Tell If You Have Rats or Mice

If you’re trying to find out how to tell if you have rats or mice, then this article will help. But before doing this here’s what you need to realise. You see, there is actually very little difference between rats and mice. What we mean is this: it’s not important to determine whether you have rats or mice. All you have to do is determine if you have rodents. To do this there are certain signs you should look out for.

Want to know how to tell if you have rats or mice? Here are some things to watch out for.

Faeces and urine

This is probably the most obvious sign. Rat and mice faeces are similar. They are slightly larger than a grain of rice, dark brown in colour, spindle shaped and taper towards the end. The only real difference between rat and mice pellets is that mice faeces are usually smaller If you do have an infestation then you will see large deposits of these faeces, especially around food sources.

mouse gnaw marks

Signs of damage

Both rats and mice cause damage in commercial situations and residential properties needing pest control. They do this by gnawing on objects as well as when finding materials for their nests. That being said, when comparing rodents, mice usually cause far less damage. The reason why is because rats teeth grow continually. This means they must always gnaw in order to keep their teeth short. It also means that if you’re seeing large amounts of damage then it’s more than likely because of rats.

Dark smear marks

Want to know how to tell if you have rats or mice? Look out for dark marks. As you know rodents are incredibly filthy creatures. Wherever rodents are present they leave this filth behind.

rat in hiding

This most often takes the form of dark smear marks. These marks are left wherever rodents enter or exit. For example, if they squeeze through a crack in the wall, then these dark marks will quickly develop.

Visible sightings of rodents

If you occasionally see a rat or mouse it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an infestation. Rodents may occasionally travel through your home on their way to somewhere else. What you want to take note of is frequent sightings of rodents. If you’re seeing them every other day, then you probably have an infestation. Spotting a rodent means you are in definite need of rodent pest control.

rat stealing food

To figure out how to tell if you have rats or mice then pay attention to these sightings. The essential difference between rats and mice is their size. Rats are roughly twice the size of mice. They also have hairless tails.


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