Worst UK Christmas Tree Pests

There’s nothing more inviting and cosy than a well decorated and brightly lit Christmas tree. But while this is all very well here’s what you need to understand.Your average Christmas tree is absolutely heaving with insects. In fact, according to some experts, there may be as many as a thousand insects on each tree.

christmas tree pests

You want to keep all sorts of Christmas pests out of your home. Some of the most troublesome pests you can get in UK Christmas trees include the following.


Believe it or not mice often hide out in Christmas trees. Your tree provides them with a place to play and gives them easy access to a midnight snack if you’re decorating the tree with chocolates or other food stuffs. Mice are also attracted to wrapping paper on presents. They love to chew on this wrapping and use it as material to build their nests. Rats and mice that come indoors with a tree will quickly exit and take up residence in other parts of your house. From there they begin breeding and you may soon face an infestation.

small field mouse

Pine processionary caterpillars

These Christmas tree pests are particularly nasty and can be imported on trees from Europe. The reason why they are so dangerous is because these insects are toxic. They are also covered in bristles which can easily break off. When this happens, they become airborne and can cause many problems, the most common being asthma attacks.

These bristles may also cause painful rashes, conjunctivitis, respiratory issues and nausea accompanied by vomiting. Definitely something that can ruin your Christmas. To avoid these problems, make sure to purchase a tree which is grown locally


Aphid cling to the trees and suck their sap. They can seriously weaken a Christmas tree. Just like aphids on your garden plants, these sticky insects multiply fast and are very unsightly.

fir christmas tree

Another of the worst Christmas tree pests are spiders. While these aren’t dangerous in the UK, they can be unpleasant. No one wants a nasty surprise while hanging baubles on the tree! You should also look out for egg sacks on your tree. You don’t want hundreds of mini spiders hatching out and moving into your home this Christmas.

Steps to prevent Christmas tree pests

Prior to bringing your tree into the home, a few simple measures can help with Christmas tree pests. Firstly it is wise to shake the tree briskly to dislodge any insects or rodents. You can even give it a good spray  with the garden hose. Then leave the tree in your garden for 24 hours. Before bringing it indoors, check it over thoroughly for any remaining pests. You can’t be too careful. Pests don’t need to be part of your holiday plans this year, so make sure to call in residential pest control if you find any pests on your property.



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