Wondering What Kills Cockroach Eggs?

Wondering what kills cockroach eggs? Cockroaches have a reputation as one of the worst pests and are very common in homes. There’s good reason for this. The biggest being that these bugs are almost impossible to get rid of. No matter what you do, the cockroaches seem to come back over and over again. Why this happens is simple.

what kills cockroach egg

The cockroach has a three-step lifecycle. This starts with eggs, then larvae, and finally adult cockroaches. The problem is that the eggs and larvae are extremely tough to kill. Even if you destroy the adult cockroaches, the eggs and larvae left, mean that the problem is never really solved. So, the real question is this: what kills cockroach eggs?

What do cockroach eggs like? 

What kills cockroach eggs? Before we answer this question you first need to learn what the eggs look like. Cockroaches do not actually lay eggs. Instead, they lay an egg sack, that contains approximately 40 eggs. This sack is known as an ootheca, and is about the size of a penny. What this really means is that the eggs themselves are incredibly small. In fact, they are usually invisible to the naked eye. Also, because they are so small, they can fall between cracks and gaps. These eggs soon hatch and you’re quickly back to square one.

woman scratching her itchy neck with allergy rash

If you’re looking for the egg sacks and pest infestation signs the best place is to look near sources of food and water. This means you should primarily focus on your kitchen and bathroom. Also look near warm areas in which there is some form of shelter. The female cockroaches can also adhere their egg sacks to surfaces, so look beneath things like kitchen countertops, and cupboards. When looking for these sacks, focus on rough surfaces and crevices.

Another good sign that there are egg sacks present are allergies. Many people are allergic to cockroaches, and these allergies can be triggered by their eggs. If your nose is running and you have a sore throat without explanation, it could be because of cockroaches.

What can we do about cockroach eggs?

While physically finding and removing cockroach eggs is all very well, this isn’t really a viable solution. As we’ve said, it’s almost impossible to locate every single egg or sack. If even one egg is left, the problem will reoccur.

heat treatment kills insects

So what kills cockroach eggs then? The best thing you can do is call in a professional. They can help you with cockroach removal techniques such as heat treatments. This is a method where super-heated vapour is poured into the room. This vapour spreads into every inch of the room and is 100% effective in killing cockroach eggs. This is a vastly easier and more effective remedy than crawling around on your hands and knees and looking for their eggs.




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