Why We Offer Emergency Pest Control

There are two types of pest controllers. Those who work strictly during office hours and those who work around the clock. The second type of job is known as emergency pest control. These are the technicians who are willing to come out day and night to solve your problem. But why do some people offer this service while others do not? As it turns out, there are a few good reasons.

Why some technicians offer emergency pest control

The unfortunate fact about pests is that they can strike at any time. Pests do not abide by the rules of polite society. Whenever there is an opportunity, they will attack. What often happens is that the pests were inside your business without you even knowing. They breed quietly for months and then all of a sudden emerge into plain view.

emergency pest control

When this happens, you’ll need emergency pest control. This is when you want a technician who can come in no matter what time it is and get rid of the pests. You’ll also want this service as part of a maintenance contract so that you can exterminate pests before your business opens. After all, the last thing you need is your staff or customers knowing you had a pest problem. At other times you may have a big event or meeting, or something important lined up. The presence of pests can be a complete disaster in these scenarios.

Why some technicians offer discrete pest control

Another big reason why we offer emergency pest control is so that we can do the job discretely. As mentioned, many business owners do not want staff or customers to know they have pests. Staff may be disturbed by pests and this will also lower their moral. Customers do not want to shop at a store that has pests and may spread damaging gossip about your business. You also don’t want the competition finding out that you have pests.


This is especially important if you’re running a business where you rely on your reputation. A good example of this are restaurants or clothing boutiques. The problem here is that you cannot have pest technicians arriving during the day when there are customers and staff around. That would be a complete disaster. The whole world will know that you have pests! Not only that, hospitality pest control is an intensive process and the presence of people makes it difficult. Then there’s also the fact that we use chemicals and you may have to shut down the business entirely for a number of hours.

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The solution to all of these problems in a food business is emergency pest control. With 24 hour round the clock service we can come in during the dead of night. Our technicians will work quickly and quietly to take care of the problem. You do not need to shut down the business or deal with the hassle of staff and customers. In fact, by the morning it will be as if your problem never existed.


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