What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly And For Good?

When it comes to the amount of irritation they cause, bed bugs are one of the worst pests around. Anyone who has survived an infestation will know the pain they can create. What this means is that, if you have bed bugs, is that you’ll want to get rid of them immediately. But what kills bed bugs instantly and for good? There are several ways to do this:

Assessing what kills bed bugs instantly

What kills bed bugs instantly and for good? This is a difficult question. The unfortunate fact is that these pests are extremely difficult to get rid of. This is mostly due to their size. These insects are almost microscopic and can hide away beneath your mattress or the base of your bed.

base of the bed

There are a few DIY things people say work. Some suggest to thoroughly clean your sleeping area. It is also suggested by some taking your mattress outside and leaving it out in the sun. Doing this is said to cause the bed bugs to crawl away. You can also vacuum your mattress from top to bottom or beat the mattress. However, these home remedies rarely deal with a bed bug infestation. You will need a bed bug infestation treatment to get rid of them for good.

Ultimately, you will need professional support

You may also want to call in a pest control company that uses pesticide treatment. But while these may work, they are not ideal. Obviously you do not want chemicals present in the area where you sleep. What you also have to realise is that these chemicals are not that effective. In fact, most bed bugs have built up an immunity to pesticides.

heat controller

If you really want to know what kills bed bugs instantly, then try a company like us that carry out heat treatments. Believe it or not this method was actually created specifically for killing bed bugs. Studies have shown that bed bugs (along with their eggs and larvae) die when exposed to certain high temperatures.

Heat treatment is an eco-friendly technique

This is a method of pest control which does not use any chemicals whatsoever. Instead, the affected area is treated with an intensely hot vapour. This vapour kills all the bed bugs along with their eggs and larvae. This is by far the best way to deal with these pests. It’s guaranteed to kill 100% of them and do it instantly. Not only that, there is very little chance of the bugs coming back.

eco friendly heat treatment

What do you need to do after the treatment is complete? Firstly, you should vacuum your mattress thoroughly. If you have a particularly bad infestation, you may actually want to throw the mattress away. Along with this you should also launder your bedding, including your duvet, sheets, and pillow cases. Finally, vacuum the entire room. Also move your bed and vacuum beneath it. Take all of these steps to keep pests out of your home permanently.


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