What Is A Pest Site Inspection?

Before hiring a pest control company to eliminate pests, it’s necessary that you have a pest site inspection. In fact, most companies will not come out to treat your property until their inspection is completed. There are several reasons for this.

pest site inspection

First, what exactly is a pest site inspection? What this essentially means is that we come out to properly perform a thorough search of the property. This is done in order to ascertain if there are actually pests on the property, and it’s something your should consider when searching for a pest controller. It’s also important so that we can discover what type of pests we are dealing with. Another reason is to determine the severity of the infestation. It’s almost like surveying the land before breaking ground on new construction.

Why do pest controllers do a site inspection?

You can probably imagine why this pest site inspection is important. We don’t want to show up for the job without knowing what we’re dealing with. Doing this makes our job a lot harder. We won’t know what types of poisons or equipment to bring, or how long the job may take.

When performing the pest site inspection, our technicians perform a thorough search of the property. We look in all of the places where pests may be hiding. This includes areas like the roof, ceilings, walls and under floorboards. We might also search around drains and in places like your garden. We may also look in cupboards and other hiding places. Our technicians also check for where the pests are entering, such as holes in the walls and cracks which can be pest proofed.

cockroach pest inspection

What we’re primarily looking for an evidence and signs of pests. There may also be physical sightings of pests. These signs can include many things. Most of the time we’re looking for accumulated droppings, such as rat droppings. We’re also looking for gnaw marks on wood or concrete. There may also be signs like nests, or dead pests. In the case of insects, we’re looking for shell casings and discarded skin. There may also be tracks and certain smells that we detect.

What happens after the pest control inspection?

All of this helps us determine what types of pests we’re dealing with and also the severity of the infestation to help us understand if you need emergency pest control. Once we’ve completed the inspection our technicians return to the office and write up a report. We summarize our findings and provide you with actionable advise. Depending on what you’re dealing with, this could mean many things.

summary report

For example, it could mean setting traps for rodents. It could mean fumigating the home or using heat treatments. On the other hand, you may want to pest proof your home or spray pesticides around the perimeter. Finally, we provide a time frame for removing pests and a cost for doing this. At this point you can them decide if you’d like to go ahead with the job.


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