What Is A Pest Control Service Contract?

What is a pest control service contract and why does your business need one? If you’re a business owner, especially a food business owner, then certain pests will always be a problem. The simple fact is that pests are going to be attracted to your business. What this means is that pest control is an on-going issue which must be addressed. A pest control service contract makes this easy.

What a pest control service contract involves

When you have a commercial pest control contract it basically means our technicians will perform routine maintenance. This is extremely important because it helps eliminate pests and keep their numbers down. Doing this prevents pests from breeding to the point where you experience an infestation.

pest control service contract

A pest contract is really a set it and forget it solution. As a business owner or manager you have dozens of tasks. You probably don’t have time to deal with or worry about pest issues. By taking out a contract you no longer have to think about pest control. Out technicians will take care of maintenance without you even knowing it.

As we’ve mentioned, taking out a contract is extremely important for certain types of businesses. Some businesses – such as food businesses and storage facilities -always need pest control. Pests are highly attracted to these businesses. This means you need continuous prevention from a professional pest control provider in your area.

Avoid infestations and unpleasant emergencies

Continual pest maintenance also helps prevent emergencies. If you ignore this problem it may get out of hand and lead to an infestation. This can have serious consequences for your business. You do not want to deal with pest infestations during a critical period. We’re sure you have enough problems on your plate.

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Also, if you do not have a contract and you experience  an infestation we may not be able to help you as fast as you would like. Our technicians could be busy with other jobs and unavailable at short notice.

Are there different types of contracts?

If you’re still unsure, just remember that the specifics of your contract may vary. This is the case whether you need rodent control or insect control in Cambridge. People who are constantly dealing with pests may need weekly pest maintenance. Other businesses can get by with once a month, or even quarterly pest maintenance. Ultimately, the type of business you’re in will determine this and the contract may be cheaper than you think.

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The best thing you can do is contact us. Our technicians will come around and inspect your business. From there we can determine your pest control needs and decide on the best course of action. If you’re currently considering a pest control service contract then we highly recommend you do this. After all,  it’s easier to prevent fires than put them out.


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