What Insect Is Biting Me At Night?

Pest insects cause many problems for humans. Besides spreading disease and damaging property, they can also cause painful bites. But if an insect is biting you at night, how do you identify which type of insect it is? In addition to this, what can one do about this problem?


How to identify which insect is biting you at night

So which insect is biting you at night? Fortunately, there are a limited number of insects which bite at night. These include things like bed bugs, mosquitoes, fleas, gnats and midges. The way that you can identify these pests is usually through the type of bite which you have. Along with this, there may be other symptoms present.  

To start with, bed bug bites are small, red, and extremely itchy. Another defining trait of bed bug bites is that they are usually left in a line. Along with this, you could have blood stains on your sheets or pillow cases. Also, look for dark spots on your bed. Bed bugs cause these dark spots when they defecate. Their location is usually towards the bottom on the bed. You can bring bed bugs home with your from travelling. 


Next, we have mosquitoes. These bites are also red, and itchy. What’s different is that mosquitoes leave a small bump that has an area of red skin surrounding it. Something else to consider is the time of year. If it’s summer, then the chances that a mosquito is the insect biting you at night will greatly increase.

Then we have fleas, which usually leave bites in clusters. These clusters are made up of three or four bumps and are far smaller than other bites. They are commonly found on your legs and ankles, but can also occur along the waist or armpits. Fleas are active during all seasons, including winter. 

Gnats also leave bites that are red and irritating. Like fleas, these bites are very small and are generally scattered in a random pattern. What’s distinctive about gnat bites is that they often cause allergic reactions. In some cases, the bite might also turn into a fluid filled blister. Finally, we have midges. 

mosquito bite

These bites are typically painful rather than itchy. If this insect is biting you, trust us you’re going to know. Gnats and midges are essentially outdoor insects and are unlikely to come inside. Did you get an insect bite outdoors and perhaps didn’t notice? 

What should you do next? 

No matter what type of insect is biting you, most people are going to want to do something about this. But what can you do and how can 24 hour pest control help? If an infestation is the problem (common with fleas and bed bugs) then the easiest solution is fumigation and heat treatments. With these treatments we can either fill the area with pesticide or heated vapour. Either one of these will kill all insects that are present, saving you from getting bitten and restoring peaceful sleep.


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