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How it works

We can solve your infestation in three steps:

Step 1: Once you call us, we come to your office or house or flat in Cambridgeshire within a few hours. Our team of friendly specialists at PEC Ltd will evaluate the property for pests. They will explain the most efficient and quickest solution needed to eradicate the pests, and clear your infected home in Ufford or Great Abington.

Step 2: Here at Pest Exterminators Cambs, we have a team of informative exterminators will remove any evidence of the pests. treating your property using safe and reliable treatments. 

Step 3: We will revisit your residential property or company building again, whenever is convenient. PEC Ltd (Cambs) will assess your situation and clear evidence of the pests. We will put in place measures to help prevent problems from happening again.

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