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Same-day qualified specialists who can eradicate all rats problems quickly

Do you have a rats issue and need rodent control in your building? With a decade’s worth of experience, PEC Ltd (Cambs) is one of the most effective pest control technicians in Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire.

Ant infestation signs: if you're seeing large numbers of ants in your flat or house in Little Thetford then you may well have a possible infestation, especially in your kitchen. Numerous ant pathways or large ants nest near or inside your home is another obvious sign. For clients in CB6 looking for reliable, quick and well trained exterminators, then help is at hand. More on removing Ants

Our treatments:

We are friendly and speedy – exterminate rats from your infested house or flat or retail unit now.

Type of rats we get rid of rapidly:

  • field ants
  • carpenter ants
  • yellow meadow ants

Guaranteed and certified:Our easy and effective removal methods can avoid pests like rodent control from entering your residential property. Using safe and approved prevention control tactics, we can eliminate rats within the same day.

Our rodent control and pest disinfection treatments:

How Pest Exterminators remove rats colonies and nests.

  • Bait traps
  • Fumigation solutions
  • Improved technician extermination

Avoid larger infestations by acting fast. Protect your business or home and customers, call us today on 01223 782432.

Whenever we need them, PEC (Cambs) are there to provide a wonderful service and quick treatments. Joshua got rid of our mouse problem immediately. Great guys. Lena C. October 2018, Washingley

Emergency pest control for rats: Call 01223 782 432 now

How we treat insects successfully

Pest Exterminators Ltd is a family-run shop, offering rodent control and related pest infestation methods to customers in Little Thetford and Coldham's Common. We can check your flat or house or company building and exterminate all rats. So that whatever your issue, . We use safe and non-toxic services to solve your infestation quickly and immediately. To remove rats Book Now.

Little Thetford

rats: We use safe and non-toxic eradication methods which are affordable and competent:

  • Fogging
  • Fumigation
  • Chemical
  • Eco heat

Pest Exterminators Cambridgeshire's pest professionals won't just eradicate your rats problem. They'll help you understand how they might have become established in your house or flat, the early signs you can check for, and how you can prevent the problem from happening again in the future.

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Fast and simple process

We can solve your issue in three steps:

Step 1: Once you contact us, we come to your factory or house or flat in Cambridgeshire within a few hours. Our team of informative specialists at Pest Exterminators Cambs will inspect the property for pests. They will explain the quickest and best solution needed to remove the pests, and clear your infected home in Little Thetford or Southorpe.

Step 2: Here at PEC, we have a team of polite specialists will eliminate any evidence of the pests. treating your property using safe and dependable treatments. 

Step 3: We will revisit your residential property or commercial property again, whenever is convenient. PEC Ltd will assess your situation and clear evidence of the pests. We will put in place measures to help stop issues from happening again.

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