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Are you panicked about a fly infestation damaging your home?

Common signs of a fly infestation are pinhead size dark clusters of spots - in your light areas, swarms of flies and worst of all maggots.

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Our successful and essential [infestation services has aided numerous customers and have cleared hundreds of flats and building in Cambridgeshire. More on removing Flies.

Successful fly control solutions: get rid of swarms and clusters

Our professional technicians, based near Ellington, are known to review all issues rapidly and successfully for all size and types of home and customers in Ellington, PE28. Acting speedy means Pest Exterminators Ltd can eliminate your issue to avoid an invasion from spreading.

Our reliable, effective treatments can eradicate flies from your residential property within a few days. To exterminate flies, Pest Exterminators will use non-harmful and efficient services such as fogging and fumigation, as well as spray and powder treatments.

Using flies pest control is essential The biggest panic about the company of flies in your flat or house is their bites!

Although not painful, it can irritate the skin.

amazing and affordable service from Pest Exterminators Cambs, who solved our squirrel problem in just two visits! Thanks to Curt, the qualified technician who helped us! Good company PEC (Cambs). Vanessa O. November 2021, Woodhurst

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Removing flies first time

PEC Ltd is a family-run PEC, offering pest infestation services to customers in Ellington, Histon and Eastfield. We can evaluate your house or flat or factory and remove flies, bed bugs, termites, squirrels or rats. So that whatever your problem, . For fly control we use safe and non-toxic solutions to solve your infestation quickly and quickly. Call 01223 782 432.

fly control

flies: Our inexpensive and dependable extermination methods for flies removal and other pests include:

  • Fogging
  • Fumigation
  • Chemical
  • Eco heat

PEC Ltd (Cambs)'s pest removers won't just eradicate your flies problem. They'll help you appreciate how they might have become established in your residential property in the first place and how to stop it happening in the future, the early signs you can check for, and how you can prevent the problem from happening again in the future.

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How it works

We can solve your flies problem in 3 easy steps: 

Step 1: After you call us, we visit your home or house or flat in Cambridgeshire within the same day. One of our informative specialists will assess the property for signs of pests. They will explain the cheapest and most effective solution needed to get rid of the pests, and clear your invaded home in Ellington or Ring's End.

Step 2: Our highly-trained and helpful technicians will remove any traces of the pests and begin to treat your property using expert and recommended treatments. 

Step 3: We will arrange another appointment to revisit your home or commercial property. We will check your situation and clear evidence of the pests. We will put in place measures to help prevent problems in the future.

We can exterminate any pest, from spiders, bees, mice, and moles.

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Fantastic fly control, very honest service for customers in Ellington. Malinda G. December 2018, Swavesey, Cambridge (Type of Pest: flies)

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