Top 9 Pest Problems For Businesses

From rats to bed bugs, pests are a massive problem for businesses in the UK. It’s a fact that most business premises are infested with pest problems of one kind or another.When running a business, there are a range of destructive pests you should watch out for…

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1. Mice

Believe or not, mice are just as bad as rats. Despite their diminutive size, these rodents are just as capable of damaging your business. In addition to this, they can fit into even the smallest spaces, making them incredibly difficult to exterminate.

2. Flies

Flies are another of the massive pest problems for restaurants and takeaways. These vermin are known for spreading some of the deadliest diseases known to man. Outbreaks of these diseases can shut down your restaurant.

3. Rats

These pests create many problems for businesses. In most cases they cause extensive damage. Rats are also known for spreading deadly diseases, and this can have dire consequences for people who run food businesses.

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4. Ants

Despite their small size, ants can also cause pandemonium in restaurant kitchens. This most often happens when ants get into food stores. It can be almost impossible to remove ants from certain types of food. In fact, this food usually has to be thrown away.

5. Moths

Moths are a serious problem for anyone who owns a storage, clothing, or furniture business. These pests eat natural fibre’s such as wool and silk, and can easily cause stock damage worth thousands. This is especially true if you have these types of goods in long term storage.

6. Bed bugs

Bed bug problem cost businesses millions every year, and also result in hundreds of complaints and cancellations from irate guests. There are treatments that will kill bed bugs instantly available from professional pest controllers.

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7. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are another pest issue that many restaurants face. The problem with these pests is that they can easily get into food stores. When this happens food must be thrown away. This can add up to thousands of pounds in lost profits.

8. Fleas

Fleas are also a huge problem for people in the hospitality industry. Believe it or not many hotels have longstanding flea problems which they struggle to resolve.

9. Wasps

If you run an outdoor eating or drinking area, then wasps can create enormous problems. These insects irritate guests and may even drive them out of your eating area entirely. This is especially true during the Summer months, when these insects are most prevalent.


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