Stop Flies Attacking Your Bins

Here’s something we’ve all experienced. You have a bin in your kitchen and all of a sudden, it’s infested with flies. This could be a handful of flies, or dozens swarming around your kitchen. But what can you do about this and how do you stop flies from attacking your bins?

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Assessing the problem of flies in your bins

This problem is seriously unpleasant. After all, flies in kitchens are disgusting and no one wants them infesting their home. The reason why the common house pests, flies are attracted to bins is simple. Bins contain food waste that flies feed on. What usually happens is that flies lay their eggs in food waste. These eggs soon hatch into maggots and then transform into flies. Even worse, these maggots will sometimes crawl out of the bin. This means you can easily wake up one morning and discover maggots crawling across your kitchen floor. This is not a pleasant sight!

If the bin is in your kitchen, you will then have flies in your home. On the other hand, if the bin is inside, these flies can easily get into your home. No matter where your bins are located, there are several things you can do to stop flies and prevent fly infestations.


Steps to stop flies getting in your bins

First of all, get rid of any bin that does not have a lid. If flies cannot get into the bin, then they cannot lay eggs and breed maggots. In addition to this, the bin needs to have a lid that seals tightly. There should be no way for flies to get in. Some houses also have special cupboards that are meant for kitchen bins. If you really want to stop flies, then build one of these cupboards.

To stop flies, you should also put your wheelie bins out as often as possible. Some people are lazy and only put their bins out once they are full. This is a bad idea because rubbish will eventually attract flies, as well as other pests. Something else you should do is wash your bins out as frequently as possible. What you have to understand is that food debris will accumulate over time. This debris attracts flies, so keep your bins clean. Outdoor bins can be washed with a garden hose.

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The bottom line is that you must prevent flies in your bins and carry out proper fly control. This should be taken seriously, flies in your bins will eventually end up in your kitchen and can easily contaminate your food. When this happens, you can become infected with a number of illnesses and even viruses. You may even experience food poisoning due to salmonella.


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