Preventing Bringing Bed Bugs Home

Bed bugs are a serious problem in the UK. These pests are common in every corner of the land. This includes flats, homes, and hotels. Bed bugs are also commonly found in the seats of buses and trains in the UK. Another place where people pick up bed bugs is on holiday, and bed bugs are a huge problem for hotel businesses.

mattress bed bugs

What commonly happens is that you go on holiday, and these bugs crawl into your luggage and are transported home. But what can you do about this? How do you prevent bringing bed bugs home?

Tips to avoid bringing bed bugs home

First of all you should keep your home clean. The first line of defence is frequently washing your bedding. This will prevent the bed bugs from breeding and taking hold. Also frequently vacuum your bedroom and the rest of your home.

To prevent bringing common house insects such as bed bugs home, clothes which have been worn should be kept in a laundry bin. This bin should be kept far away from your bedroom. Wash these clothes frequently. Do not leave piles of clothing on your floor for extended periods of time. If you have picked up bed bugs from public transport, they will soon migrate to your bed. You may also want to inspect your clothing if you’ve used public transport.

public transport bed bugs

To prevent bringing bed bugs home when on holiday, you need to closely inspect your luggage before packing. Start by emptying your suitcase and going over it with a torch. Pay special attention to the folds and creases of your suitcase, and any corner where these bugs may be hiding. Also check things like your toiletry bag and other small bags.

Next, when packing things into your luggage closely inspect every item. It’s probably a good idea to pack in good light so bugs are easier to see. Go through items one by one before packing them into your suitcase. Turn clothes inside out and examine every inch. Then, once you suitcase is packed, leave it as far away from the bed as possible. This will hopefully prevent more bugs from crawling into your luggage.

What if these things don’t work?

How do you know if you’ve brought bugs back? There is only so much you can do to prevent bringing bed bugs home. But if this has happened then you’ll find out fairly quickly. Within no time at all the bugs will begin to breed and then bite you. Before long your entire body will be covered in bites. You’ll also notice spots of blood on your bedding. Along with this there may be brown spots which are bed bug droppings. If this happens the best thing to do is call in pest control for instant bed bug treatment. Remember, these bugs will multiply rapidly. For this reason, you should call in an expert the moment you detect them. There is a straightforward and safe heat treatment that pest controllers can use to get rid of these insects.





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