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DBS background checks – 24/7 services – cover all of Huntingtdon

Want pest control services which you can depend on? Sadly this industry is known for cowboys and fly-by-night operators. Here at Pest Exterminators Cambs, we do things differently. Our business performs DBS checks on all staff. This way you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands. Not only that, all of our staff are fully qualified and licensed.

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This means that the job is done right the first time. There’s no reason why you need to share your Huntingtdon home with pests. The majority of pests can be eliminated in only a few hours, whether it’s cockroaches, rodents, or ants. Even animal pests like foxes, squirrels, and birds are easily removed or deterred. If you’d like to learn more about our services, please continue reading.

Full range services for Huntingtdon pest control

Our team provides all types of pest control services. These include fumigation, heat treatments, spraying, bait traps, and also consultation. We have access to the world’s strongest and most sophisticated pesticides. With these no pest stands a chance. Your problem will be completely eliminated in only a few hours. Better than that, the pests are unlikely to ever return.

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We know that pests do not keep daylight hours. Because of this, we also offer a twenty-four hour call out service for our Huntingtdon pest control. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is. Simply pick up the phone and we will instantly dispatch a team of qualified technicians. With this service there’s no waiting until tomorrow. We take care of the problem immediately and with a minimum of fuss.

Quality service you can rely on 24 hours a day

Our technicians strive to provide the highest quality service possible. We are skilled in all forms of pest control. There is nothing we haven’t dealt with before. This includes unconventional pests like fleas and foxes.

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Another reason why you may want to hire us is because of our rapid service. Pest Exterminators Cambs operates multiple teams and vans. This means that we always have someone on call to help with your problem. It also means that we are able to come out immediately and deal with your situation. In fact, the majority of our call outs are completed within 24 hours of being logged. This means you don’t have to wait days for a technician and put up with pests in the meantime. It also means we’re able to quickly service commercial clients.

The best commercial pest control in Huntingtdon

Maintain staff safety and customer reputation

Anyone who runs a business knows that pest control is vitally important. Pests can cause numerous problems in your Huntingtdon business. These include damage to your building, reputation, and also your stocks. Most importantly, pests spread disease and this can harm the safety of customers and staff. All of these problems are easily prevented with proper pest control. You can count on our team to quickly eliminate all pests in your business. We are dependable, reliable, and can take care of problems anytime you need us.

Streamlined pest management for your business

To make things easier we also offer pest control contracts. With a pest control contract our Huntingtdon technicians will perform regular pest maintenance in your business. This streamlines the pest control process and puts things completely on autopilot. This way you won’t have to think about pests ever again. And why should you with so many other things to concern yourself with! To learn more about Pest Exterminators Cambs and our services, contact us now.

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It’s understandable if you’re concerned about the impact our pest control methods will have on your business. We will endeavour to avoid disrupting it with our pest control Watford as much as we can. Once we have followed through on the plan of action, we don’t just leave you without any support. We will carry out inspections in the weeks and months following removal to stop it happening again.

Pest Exterminators Cambs offer:

  • Pest proofing your home or business
  • Safe bee and wasp nest removal
  • Residential pest control services
  • Insects prevention & extermination
  • Humane rodents (e.g. mice and rats)
  • Bird deterrent and control plans
  • Fox and other wildlife management
  • Inspections & site surveys
  • Customised services & contracts
  • Heat treatments and fumigation

Business types we serve:

  • Clubs & Pubs
  • Public Buildings
  • Hospitals & Medical Centres
  • Care Homes
  • Industrial Properties
  • Warehouses & Storage Facilities
  • Retail Outlets
  • Industrial Premises
  • Warehouses
  • Storage Facilities
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Food Retail & Processing
  • Hospitality

We cover all areas in Cambridgeshire, including: