Methods Of Pest Control Professionals Use

How do pest technicians actually get rid of pests? For example, if you have pests in your home, how do technicians actually do? Well, just as there’s more than one way to skin a cat, there are also dozens of methods of pest control. In this article we’re going to go over a few of these methods and talk about them so you know when to call in professional pest control.

The various methods of pest control 

As we’ve said, there are dozens of methods of pest control. These include things such as the following.

1. Traps

Traps are used for rodents and other animal pests. These are usually referred to as bait traps because bait is used to lure animals in. Therefore, what this means is that a certain type of poison is placed inside the trap. This poison  is highly attractive to pests like rodents. They make their way into the trap, and are either captured or killed after ingesting the poison.

snap trap

2. Chemicals

Chemicals are the weapon of choice against insects. These pests can be difficult to remove due to their size. You see, it’s not a case of simply scooping the insects up and throwing them away. Most pests, such as cockroaches, lay thousands of eggs. These are usually in hard to get places. This means that chemicals must be sprayed in the affected area. Fumigation chemicals can get into nooks and crannies, therefore this ensures that all insects are killed. What’s more, these pesticides can be long lasting, and this prevents the bugs from returning.

3. Heat treatments

One of the most effective methods of pest control are heat treatments. This is essentially a method where an extremely hot vapour is used to kill pests. Insects like bed bugs are susceptible to high temperatures. What that means is that when this vapour makes contact with them, the bugs are killed instantly.

heat treatment kills insects

4. Prevention methods

The easiest way to prevent pests is to simply stop them from getting inside in the first place. To achieve this, pest proofing methods are used because prevention is effective. These mostly involve sealing up any entrance points into your home. This includes closing up cracks or holes in walls. It can also include sealing up the area around pipes which enter your home. Basically, any entrance point which pests may use is closed up. This will all go towards helping you keep pests out of your home.

5. Physical removal

In many cases the pests do not have to be destroyed. Quite often all that’s required is removing them from the property. This is usually the case in the event of animal pests such as foxes or birds. Measures can be taken to prevent them from returning.

fox removal

6. Regular inspection

In order to truly control pests, regular inspection must be carried out. This is one of the most basic methods of pest control. Inspection makes sure that there are no pests present. If pests are found, a technician can quickly remove them before the infestation has time to take hold.  Because experts know where to look for them and we can offer 24 hour pest control they can get your problem dealt with quickly!


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