How to Prevent Flies in the House

Flies can often become a serious problem for home owners. Not only are flies in the house a major nuisance, but they also spread serious diseases. What this means is that flies should be taken seriously. If you have a higher than average number of flies, then you need to do something immediately. But what can you do about flies in the house?

Tips for getting rid of flies in the house  

What you first have to understand is that if you have flies in the house, there is something attracting them. Most often this is rubbish and more specifically, decaying organic matter. Flies can only eat liquid food and they are known for food contamination. For this reason they are most often drawn to rotting food in your dustbins.

flies in the house

To prevent this, your dustbins need to be emptied as often as possible. Try to put your rubbish out whenever the bin men come. Do this even if your bins are half empty. Another important tip is to store rubbish in bins with lids, and to always keep these closed. This stops flies from getting at rubbish, laying their eggs, and breeding. Something else you should do is to frequently wash your bins. Over time food particles will accumulate in the bottoms of bins, and this attracts flies. This is particularly important for food outlets.

Tips to get rid of flies in the house if they come in

Another reason why you may be getting flies is because of things in your garden. This can include manure which has been spread on grass or flowerbeds. Dirty pet food bowls may also attract flies, so make sure to wash these. Along with this, your house should be kept as clean as possible. A dirty kitchen will eventually attract flies and should be avoided.


To avoid flies in the house you also need to stop them from getting in. This is best achieved by putting screens in front of your doors and windows. Other things can also work such as plastic flap curtains or bead curtains. Reflective objects can also be hung near doors and windows. When the sun reflects onto these objects it blinds the flies and they go away.

Finally, there are a number of ways to kill flies that have already entered your home as a common house insect. This can be done by hanging fly paper. You may also want to invest in a bug zapper or purchase anti-fly fans. These are basically fans that blow flies away and they can be quite effective.

Something else you can do is build a DIY fly trap. To do this simply take a jar and fill the bottom with a small layer of apple cider vinegar. Then make a paper funnel and insert this in the jar. The flies will be attracted to the apple cider, but will not be able to leave because of the funnel.


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