Do You Need Pest Control For Moths?

Pest control for moths can eliminate these pests in as little as an afternoon. But here’s the real question: is this actually something that you need? After all, hiring pest control can be expensive. It can also be a major inconvenience. The good news is that in many cases, you do not need pest control for moths. It might be possible to get rid of them all on your own. To do that, simply follow these steps.

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Alternatives to pest control for moths

First of all, clean out your cupboards entirely. Remove everything and kill any moths that you see. You need to do a thorough and proper job. These pests are small and can hide anywhere, such as in the folds of clothing.

Next, clean and scrub your cupboards. What you’re trying to do is kill any eggs that may be attached to the walls of your cupboards as part of moth proofing your home. Also look for entrance points. There could be holes or cracks in your cupboards. Pests will use these to get into, so they should be sealed up.

Once that is done, clean your clothing. Do this at the highest heat the clothes will tolerate. This will also help to kill any eggs. The issue here is that some items that moths target may need to be dry cleaned. These pests go after clothing made from natural materials. This includes things like wool, silk and fur. In many cases, these will need dry cleaning.

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Keeping items safe from moth damage

When this is completed, pack the clothing back into your cupboards. That being said, do not simply place your items back into wardrobes. Clothes (made of natural fibres) that are not worn very often or seasonal clothes not in use could be sealed away. Do this by placing items into plastic clothing bags. You can also get plastic containers. At the very least these items of clothing should be placed in suitcases or bags. You can stop bugs getting in your suitcase easily.

Another form of cheap pest control for moths is moth balls. These might seem old-fashioned but they are still highly effective. Place a few of these balls into every bag and container and in your cupboards and drawers. Something else you should invest in are pheromone moth traps. These traps attract and kill moths. They are also extremely effective.

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When all of this is done, your clothing should be secure against moths. It’s still important that you do routine inspections. Look through your cupboards from time to time. Check that there are no adult moths, caterpillars, or holes in your clothing. In addition, if you have wool rugs or carpets check these for signs of moth damage. Vacuum them regularly and thoroughly.

If you do all of this correctly, then you will not need pest control for moths. Unfortunately, moths may still get in. There could be something else that is attracting them. There may also be entrance points that you have not found. If this is the case, and the moths return, then you may want to consider getting in a pest controller.


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