Do You Have Pests In Your Walls?

Pests live in a variety of areas around your home. This can include the kitchen, garage, attic, basement or under your bed. Another place where pests enjoy living is inside your walls. This is especially true if your walls are hollow or have some type of cavity inside them.

brick wall

The most common pests that live in walls are rodents (mice being more common than rats). Other pests in your walls can include things like carpenter ants, wasps, squirrels, cockroaches and beetles. But how do you know if there are pests in your walls, and what can you do about it?

What are the signs?

Unfortunately, in most cases you cannot see inside your walls. What this means is that you have to rely on various signs in order to spot the pests. The most obvious and prominent of these signs is noise.

Are you hearing sounds and what kinds of sounds are you hearing? Remember, it’s mostly mice and rats which live in walls, so you’re going to hear noises associated with these pests. This can include things like scratching, squeaking, squealing and scurrying. You may also occasionally hear the sound of rats or mice fighting with each other as they adapt to any environment. Another sound you could hear is buzzing. This happens when you have a nest of wasps in your walls.

nest walls

Also keep your eyes open for the physical signs of pests. Remember, rodents are the most common pest that lives in walls. What this means is that you’ll generally see signs associated with these pests as they seek out warmth. This can include things like rodent droppings and urine. You may also see gnaw marks on objects like furniture or in other places. Food that has been attacked is also a clear sign of rodents.

Something else to look for are dark smear marks along walls and cupboards. These are left behind when rodents travel in and out of their nests. Out of all these, holes in your walls are the biggest sign. If you see the stereotypical mouse hole, then you probably have pests in your walls. Also, if it’s an outside wall, then be sure to check the perimeter of your home. There may be gaps or cracks the rodents are using to get inside.

hole in wall

What can you do if you have pests in the walls?

If you think there are pests residing in your walls and building nests, then what should you do? Unfortunately, this is an extremely complex problem, that will need professional advice and expertise. This is because you’ll often need to gain access to the inside of your walls.

In rare cases this might mean breaking into the walls themselves. Otherwise, the exterminator will use bait traps to lure out the rodents. Your exterminator may also find a way to pump pesticide into the walls.


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