Common Types Of UK Mice

Rodents such as mice are a huge problem for businesses and homeowners. However, there is only one type of mouse that typically causes problems. There are other species of mice that live in the countryside and do not bother people. Here is a guide to common types of mice in the UK.

1. House mouse

There are many types of UK mice. But by far the most common is the house mouse. They can even live in your walls. The reason why these mice are a problem is because they invade and damage your home. Other mice tend to avoid homes and also the presence of humans. House mice are coloured brown or grey. Their tales are hairless and usually the same length as their bodies. These mice a problematic mostly because of their diet. They need to eat about 4 grams of food per day and mostly subsist on grains and cereals. This is why you often find them raiding your cupboards.

house mouse

2. Field mouse

Another common UK mouse is the field mouse. These mice are extremely cautious, which is why they favour the great outdoors, instead of homes. They are multicoloured and come in shades of brown, white, and grey. They also have powerful hind legs that they use to leap about. These mice mostly live on seeds, but also eat snails, fungi, berries, insects, fruit and nuts. Field mice often build underground pantries where they store this food. They are also known to use abandoned bird’s nests for this purpose. These pests will always seek out warmth.

field mouse

3. Harvest mouse

Harvest mice are similar to field mice, except that they have a distinctive sandy colouration. Another key difference is that these mice prefer to live in elevated nests instead of burrows. These nests are built from woven materials such as grass, leaves, and twigs. The harvest mouse will typically build these nests in long grass, hedgerows, and bushes. This mouse generally feeds on seeds and fruits. It may also include insects as part of its diet.

harvest mice

4. Yellow necked mouse

Like other types of UK mice, the yellow necked mouse has a varied diet. This includes insects, seeds, nuts, and also shooting buds. These mice have a distinctive yellow collar. This can be quite difficult to see so also pay attention to their ears. Yellow necked mice have larger ears than other mice. Their bodies are also larger in general than other species. Also be aware of your location. Yellow necked mice are restricted to Southern England, the Midlands, and South Wales. If you don’t live in these areas, it’s unlikely that you’re dealing with one of these mice.


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