Child And Pet Safe Pest Control Methods

As you already know, pest control is a dangerous undertaking involving deadly chemicals. This is why parents and pet owners are often concerned about pest control procedures, and rightly so. But if you fit into this category, what should you know about child and pet safe pest control. Also, why should you be concerned about children and pets, and why are they more at risk than adults?

child and dog

What makes children and pets more at risk?

There are several reasons why you should implement child and pet safe pest control methods. The first is that children and pets spend more time on the floor. This is especially true if your child has yet to start walking. There are several reasons why this is important. The first is that pesticides are generally sprayed along areas on or near the floor. For example, skirting boards. Other things, such poison traps, are also left on the floor. This means your child or pet may come into contact with these chemicals and poisons.

children on floor

Another reason why you need child and pet safe pest control is because children and pets touch things. They are naturally inquisitive and will touch and play with anything they find. This mostly includes what they find on the ground. Children and pets will also put these things into their mouths and may even try to eat them. This becomes cause for concern when you consider things like pest traps.  

If pets or children find these traps they will want to play with and investigate them. They may get inside and may even eat the poison. This can cause serious issues. You see, what you also have to realise is that their bodies are smaller. This means that the pesticides are more concentrated. A dose of chemicals which makes an adult feel sick could make a child or pet extremely ill.

How can we make sure pets and children are safe?

Dogs and cats will also lick things. This can become a problem if those things have pesticides sprayed onto them. These are simply a few of the reasons why you need child and pet safe pest control and why you need to know how to keep pests out of your home. What you also have to understand is that this applies to store bought products. If you’re going the DIY route, then you need to be especially careful. You don’t want to inadvertently hurt your pets or children. Just because the product is labelled as being safe for pets and kids, doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

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Ideally, you want to make sure that pets and children are kept away as far away as possible. Keep them out of the area that has been sprayed and where traps have been left. Another great idea is to use eco-friendly pest control methods such as heat treatments. These methods do not use dangerous chemicals and are far safer for pets and children.


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