Can A Person Be Allergic To Pesticides?

Many people are allergic to pesticides. This creates a massive problem for people who have pests. For example, it’s difficult to know beforehand if you’ll have issues with pesticides. Not only that, by the time you discover this, it will be too late. Your house will be coated with pesticides, and you’ll have to leave the property. But what can you do about this? Luckily, there are alternatives to pesticides.

pesticide allergy

What to do if you’re allergic to pesticides

Pesticides are thoroughly tested before being used. The purpose of this is to make sure they are safe. Pest companies need something that will kill pests but does not harm humans too much. Unfortunately, no pesticide is 100% safe. People exposed to large amounts of pesticide can become seriously ill. What’s more, many people are allergic to pesticides.

These people can experience a wide range of symptoms. These include respiratory problems and problems with your skin. You may find it hard to breathe when exposed to even small amounts of pesticides. Your skin may also swell or itch. Along with this you may experience blistering and redness. In some cases, these problems may require medical treatment, or even hospitalisation.

pest control treatment

As we’ve said, you won’t know that you’re allergic to pesticides, until you’re actually exposed. So what can you do to avoid this? The best way is by using natural pest control methods and non-chemical treatments. One of the best are heat treatments.

A great solution to replace pesticides

This is basically a method that uses high temperatures to kill pests. A heat treatment machine is basically an enormous heater – just a lot warmer. This machine is placed in the affected area, which is sealed off. The machine is turned on, and the area begins to warm up. Eventually it becomes so hot that pests cannot survive.

This may sound dubious, but these machines actually work. This fact is scientifically proven. For instance, bed bugs die when exposed to temperatures of more than 45°C for around 90 minutes. Cockroaches die when exposed to temperatures of about 49°C for an hour and we make sure our clients are safe throughout.

heat treatment kills insects

In addition to that, these machines have other advantages. By far the biggest is that they do not use any pesticides at all. In fact, no chemicals are used during heat treatments. Another advantage is that they kill everything insect related. This includes the insects, as well as their eggs, larvae and nymphs. This makes them vastly superior to something like fumigation. Heat treatments are also one of the fastest methods of pest control. Bottom line: if you have issues with allergies, then you could be allergic to pesticides. Don’t risk your health. Avoid chemical-based extermination and opt for heat treatments instead.


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