9 Reasons To Have A Maintenance Contract

maintenance contract

When making use of pest control services, you have two options. The first is to call in exterminators whenever you need them. The second is to take out a maintenance contract for regular service. Of these two options, which is the best?

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How to Prevent Flies in the House


Flies can often become a serious problem for home owners. Not only are flies in the house a major nuisance, but they also spread serious diseases. What this means is that flies should be taken seriously. If you have a higher than average number of flies, then you need to do something immediately. But what can you do about flies in the house?

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Do You Have Pests In Your Walls?

brick wall

Pests live in a variety of areas around your home. This can include the kitchen, garage, attic, basement or under your bed. Another place where pests enjoy living is inside your walls. This is especially true if your walls are hollow or have some type of cavity inside them.

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Why Have I Got Holes In My Clothes?

holes in clothes

Have you ever had this kind of experience? You open your cupboard to find an outfit for the day, and suddenly notice your clothes are riddled with holes. Most people will immediately suspect that the culprit behind this is moths, which are a common UK house pest. But that being said, moths are not always the reason for holes in clothes. So how do you know if moths are actually causing this issue?

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What Insect Is Biting Me At Night?


Pest insects cause many problems for humans. Besides spreading disease and damaging property, they can also cause painful bites. But if an insect is biting you at night, how do you identify which type of insect it is? In addition to this, what can one do about this problem?

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7 Types Of Hospitality Pest Control

pub pests

Pest control is highly important for anyone who works in the hospitality industry. The reasons for this should be obvious. Now one wants to stay somewhere that is infested with pests, especially if they are paying large sums of money. Pests can also completely destroy the reputation of your business, which will negatively impact your profits. This is why you need a pest control contract.

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How Rats Adapt To An Urban Environment

rat in lunch

Rats are one of the biggest pest nuisances that people have to deal with. We’ve had to put up with this problem for thousands of years. This is true since the earliest days of civilisation, all the way to the modern era. Part of the reason for this is because rats adapt so easily to our environment. Whether we’re living in caves, tents or cities, rats can effortlessly change their behaviour to survive. But how do they do this, and what problems does this create for people?

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How We Keep Our Pest Control Clients Safe

safety for clients

Pest control is a touchy subject for many people. After all, this job involves the usage of lethal chemicals, poisons and pesticides. Most of our clients are wary of this. They worry about having these substances in their home or business. What’s more, there are dozens of other risks associated with hiring a company such as ours. So how do we keep our pest control clients safe? What do we do to ensure you never come to harm?

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Child And Pet Safe Pest Control Methods

child and dog

As you already know, pest control is a dangerous undertaking involving deadly chemicals. This is why parents and pet owners are often concerned about pest control procedures, and rightly so. But if you fit into this category, what should you know about child and pet safe pest control. Also, why should you be concerned about children and pets, and why are they more at risk than adults?

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What Food Businesses Must Do By Law

large burger in restaurant

When businesses have pests, they should act quickly. When food businesses have pests, they need to act by law. Pests will quickly start to damage the property and also contaminate the food. Getting rid of the pests quickly will help prevent the problem from getting any bigger. It will also prevent your business from being closed down. And with restaurants just reopening after COVID, the last thing you want is for pests to cause a further loss of business.

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