Bed Bug Infestation Treatment Options

Bed bugs are an enormous problem for many homeowners. These bugs most often occur when you have travelled overseas, although they could come from nearer home. They come back in your luggage and from there begin to make your life hell. But what is the most effective bed bug infestation treatment?

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Bed bug infestation treatment: what you need to know

Do you actually have bed bugs? It’s critical that you ascertain this before you decide on what type of bed bug infestation treatment to use. To do this look out for the following signs of bed bugs.

  • Bites are the most obvious sign. If you routinely wake up with small red bites that itch like hell, you could have bed bugs. These bites may often be clustered together in large patches.
  • A distinctive musty odour. According to the NHS large numbers of these insects cause a musty odour. This is because of the pheromones they release.
  • Blood stains on your bedding. This includes sheet, pillows cases, and your pyjamas.
  • Dark spots on your mattress is another sign. These dark stains are caused by bed bug faeces. You may also see these spots on your walls.

Once it’s confirmed that you actually have bed bugs, you can then select a bed bug infestation treatment. There are many options for this. The best option by far is heat treatments to kill bed bigs and keep insects out.

A safer option for treatment

This is a revolutionary pest control method. Basically, no creature can survive extreme heat. At a certain point the organism will die, no matter what. Heat treatments take advantage of this fact. Heated vapour is applied to the affected area. As this vapour spread around it kills all bed bugs. This includes their larvae and eggs, meaning they can never return. BTW, this is a dry, not wet vapour. This means the items in your home are not damaged when this vapour is applied.

This bed bug infestation treatment has many advantages. As we’ve said it kills all bed bugs, larvae, and eggs. This treatment is 100% effective. Another big benefit is that no pesticides are used. This means you can quickly return to your home after the treatment. You do not have to wait for the pesticides to disperse. This is also great for people who do not like the idea of pesticides in their home. Heat treatments are also extremely fast, and take a  few hours at the most.


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If you’re not ready for this, there are other options. You may want to thoroughly clean your bedding, including sheets, duvet cover, pillow cases, and also pyjamas. You should also clean your mattress with a brush and leave it outside for a few days (weather and circumstances permitting). It may also help it you clean your curtains, and vacuum under the bed. For heat treatments always call in professional help for your pest control problem.


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