7 Types Of Hospitality Pest Control

Pest control is highly important for anyone who works in the hospitality industry. The reasons for this should be obvious. Now one wants to stay somewhere that is infested with pests, especially if they are paying large sums of money. Pests can also completely destroy the reputation of your business, which will negatively impact your profits. This is why you need a pest control contract.

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With the hospitality industry already hard hit by COVID, you don’t need pest problems as well! But what should people in this industry know about hospitality pest control? Also what types of businesses should employ professional pest companies?

The 7 types of hospitality pest control

Do you run one of the following business? If so, then you may want to consider putting a pest control company on contract.

1. Hotels

The people most in need of hospitality pest control are hotels. Any place where large numbers of people stay or move through, will eventually attract pests. For this reason, every hotel should have a pest company on contract.

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2. Restaurants and cafes 

The other industry most in need of hospitality pest control are restaurants and cafes. The biggest reason why is because pests can spread diseases to your customers and there are things food businesses have to do by law involving pests. You absolutely cannot allow this to happen.

3. Bars and pubs 

All bars and pubs should hire pest control services from time to time. This is true even if your business does not serve food.

4. Nightclubs  

Nightclub owners very rarely consider pests in their business dealings. The unfortunate truth is that pests are often drawn to these establishments (and we’re not talking about your patrons here!) For example, nightclubs are generally shut up during the day or often for days at a time. The unfortunate truth is that over time this can attract pests such as flies, rats, and cockroaches.  


5. Takeaways

Takeaways are often most in need of pest control services. The reason why is simple. Pests are highly attracted to the type of food served by takeaways. They love fat, sugar, salt, and oil just as much as humans do. Food outlets need fly control as well as help with other pests. 

6. Bed and breakfasts 

Many people who run bed and breakfasts elect to handle everything themselves. This often includes pest control. Unfortunately, your efforts may not always be enough, and hospitality pest control should be hired at least once a year.

7. Self-catering holidays

Proprietors of these businesses want to rely on their guests to clean up. While some people may clean up a little, the majority will not. Actually, some people will leave a mess behind. As you can imagine this attracts pests. It’s also why you need to hire professional cleaners and pest technicians from time to time.


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