5 Common Pantry Pests in the UK

Pantry pests are a common issue in the UK. These insects can cause a major headache for anyone with a pantry, and especially for people who love to cook or those running a food related business. Here’s what you need to know about these insects and getting rid of them.

pantry pests

The most common pantry pests in the UK

There are 5 different types of pantry pests that you may have to deal with at one time or another.

1. Weevils

These are small dark bugs that appear similar to beetles. These insects love to feast on dry goods like flour, rice, and pasta. These goods usually attract pests from the outside. While they are not dangerous, they are incredibly irritating. This is mostly because you’ll have to throw away any food they get into. The best way to avoid these common insects and pantry pests is by storing your food in glass jars or plastic containers.

flour weevils

2. Grain beetles

There are two main species of pantry beetles (or grain beetles as they are also known.) these are the merchant grain beetle and the saw-toothed grain beetle. The main difference between these species in that one can fly and the other does not. As their name implies, they love going after grains. This can include brown rice, oatmeal, various cereals, and even popcorn. Once again, the solution is to store these goods in plastic or glass.

grain beetles

3. Grain mites

Grain mites are essentially a very small type of spider. These pests also feed on grains such as wheat germ, yeast, powdered milk, and flour. Because these pantry pests are so small, humans rarely notice them. Unfortunately, the issue here is that they can get into your food without you even knowing. To prevent this from happening your cupboards and pantry should be kept spotlessly clean as a form of pest proofing.

4. Meal moths

Known as Indian meal moths, these pests feed on grains, but are also known to enjoy fruit and nuts. The issue with these pests is that they spin webs and cocoons in food and cause pest contamination. This causes food to stick together and causes clumping in powdered goods. This means the food has to be thrown away, which can cost hundreds of pounds for a business. Common pesticides (used safely) are one way to get rid of these pests. However, Diatomaceous earth is also said to be highly effective. Keep your pantry clean and food safely stored away.

fruits and nuts

5. Rodents

While insects cause major issues in pantries, rodents are also a huge problem. These pests usually enter through some type of gap or crack in the wall. They can also come in through air vents or pipes. To prevent this, make sure all entrances into the pantry seal tightly.


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