10 Reasons We Do 24 Hour Pest Control

Like most pest control companies, we offer 24 hour pest control. To some people this might sound strange. After all, it’s not as if we’re the fire brigade and need to be available day and night. That being said, there are various reasons why we operate around the clock to keep pests out of your house or business premises. Some of these include the following.

Why we offer 24 hour pest control

1. It helps us be discreet

Operating a 24 hour pest control service allows us to visit your business after hours. This gives us a chance to come in once your customers and staff have left. Meaning: we can offer a discreet service.

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2. Pests don’t do 9 to 5

The unfortunate fact is that pests do not keep daylight hours. A good example of this is rodents who usually only come out at night. By offering 24 hour pest control, we can be there to intercept these pests.

3. Customers are around during the day

Most business owners do not want customers to know they have pest control issues. By working 24/7 we can come in at night. This helps us avoid your customers. Your customers don’t need to know we’ve come.

4. It means we can run emergency services

Like the fire brigade, we are available for emergencies. While it might sound hard to believe, many pest situations can be described as an emergency. In this case we’re always available to help.

5. It protects the reputation of your business

Having a pest control van parked outside your business does nothing for your reputation. To avoid this, we can come in at a time when no one is around.

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6. It helps our customers

The key to success is to serve your customers. We’re primarily in the business of providing what customers need. And in our experience, our customers prefer 24 hour pest control services.

7. It’s more convenient for you

As a business owner you’re probably extremely busy and pressed for time. By offering all day service we can come in at a time which is most convenient for you. We aim to make our commercial pest control as easy for our clients as possible.

8. Problems may become apparent at night

You may be completely unaware that you have pests until they come out at night. At this point you’ll probably want to get rid of them immediately. Our 24 hour service can assist you in this.

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9. It helps us compete

There are hundreds of pest control companies in the London area and throughout the UK. Competition is extremely stiff, but the thing about us is we always find a way to have the edge. By offering a 24 hour pest control service in Cambridge, we stay ahead of the crowd.

10. It’s actually easier for us

This might sound counterintuitive, but we actually prefer it! This way we can work as jobs come in and catch problems early. It can also be easier to work when there are fewer people in the building, and your staff and customers have gone home.


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